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The FSO Institute, an institute focused on operational execution for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) companies that accelerates desired results through networking, coaching, benchmarking and proven solutions. 


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total cost of ownership

One of the most significant challenges facing consumer packaged goods manufacturers (CPGs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) today is determining the initial equipment purchase price versus the long term cost of owning the equipment.  There is now an industry norm for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), specifically written for the CPG industry available to these and other stakeholders involved in the purchase/sale of capital equipment.

overall equipment effectiveness

One of the most powerful measurement tools that can be used in an industrial environment is OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  OEE exposes all manufacturing losses, allowing you to make objective business decisions that improve the performance, capacity and utilization of your plant assets.  It is vital to ensure that OEE metrics are easily administered, communicated, and understood and that they provide insight into every inefficiency and loss in your automated operations.  


factory acceptance tests

For the consumer packaged goods company (CPG), achieving Vertical Start- ups (packaging and processing equipment/lines) more consistently and effectively is critical. Vertical Start-ups in a new line are the rapid acceleration towards target performance. As a result, the CPG companies can save money, respond more quickly to business needs and reduce turmoil by utilizing agreed upon protocols for Factory Acceptance Tests.


Engagement is characterized by high levels of discretionary effort, a bias for action, initiative and pride in ones work and commensurate results.  Leaders who have created authentic pathways to engagement understand that success hinges upon removing the barriers, real or perceived, impeding someone from making the personal choice to engage.  Engagement focused leaders understand and embrace their responsibility to create the conditions to enable engagement.  The Workforce Engagement Framework can help guide you down the path to an engaged workforce.



In the face of increasing competitive and economic pressures, sustainability presents an opportunity for businesses, whether responding to concerns of resource scarcity and population growth, or intensifying consumer demands, to gain not only value but also competitive advantage. The demand for responsibly-sourced products is creating market opportunity. Done well, sustainability catalyzes transformative change that can spur systematic innovation and strategic growth delivering bottom line value while addressing environmental and societal concerns.  The Journey to Sustainability can help you get started. 

worker safety

There is a strong need for CPGs to mitigate the conditional (equipment, line configuration and environment) and behavioral (thinking, acting, choosing and deciding) risks associated with worker safety.  There are currently gaps in both including leadership, safety culture, knowledge, individual interpretations, equipment safety, desired behavior, technology and standards. Solutions are underway and soon available to both CPGs and their suppliers.