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Client Success

Improving the Manufacturing Health of Consumer Products companies

Accelerating Performance + Sustaining Results

Performance Pillar

·       Food & Dairy manufacturer building a new plant that incorporates advanced technologies including wearables, automation and cloud services that will enable predictive analytics.  To align with this, client has onboarded a more highly educated workforce, which along with the High-Performance culture and systems, will deliver results that far exceed metrics for other plants in their system.

 ·       Established snack food manufacturer aspired to significantly increase its EBITDA by focusing on reducing Yield loss.  The traditional workforce, while hesitant at first, began its journey towards High Performance thru implementing Lean principles.  The pilot program delivered over $2million in direct savings without any expenditure. 

 ·       To meet the continuing competitive and production challenges, this bakery and food manufacturer has embarked on a journey to develop sustainable, year over year operating improvement results.  By focusing on why process, programs and expectations don’t maintain, they can accomplish their vision.  Proof of Concept to the workforce is critical and decided to focus its first effort on “First Hour Full Power”.    

·       Worked with client to develop a pilot program to drive towards a High-Performance workforce to meet expanding business requirements and address labor shortages.  Targeted an independent unit of operations within the facility.  Results have underscored the need for a complete cultural transformation of the facility.  Expected improvement of OEE and other key metrics for driving Reliability Excellence will be achieved over next few years.  

 ·       Assisted global manufacturer in rolling out key corporate program that can support achieving Vertical Start-ups of Capital projects.  Conducted workshops and training with corporate engineering and at major plants.  These OpX best practices; Total Cost of Ownership and Factory Acceptance Tests, have been adopted as internal standards, already providing substantial project delivery time reduction and improved cost containment of capital spend. 

 ·       Facilitated client’s strategic and execution planning for significant improvement in Supply Chain performance.  Expectation is positively impact EBITDA through greater reliability in manufacturing, planning and forecasting, procurement and network optimization. 

Process Pillar

·       Assisted client’s efforts in developing its next level Food Safety program. Worked with their team to upgrade to Edition 8 and pass SQF certification at that level even though they were under surveillance for Edition 7

·       Worked with manufacturer of frozen foods to develop and implement a new manufacturing and production strategy aimed at improving customer service performance and reducing unnecessary labor costs.

 ·       Provided Program Management services for client in its development of a large CapEx project. Included working with Owner on scope and budget development, strategy for project delivery and acting on behalf of Owner to represent their interests in the selection and oversight of the General Contractor and OEMs.

 ·       Supported large ingredients manufacturer in finalizing a more robust and comprehensive Strategic Capital Project Delivery Process.  Provided guidance and coaching in developing leading and lagging indicators that can deliver projects with greater confidence in meeting original objectives.  Linked the capital spend initiatives to Operational Reliability.

People Pillar

·       Initiated pilot program for engaging manufacturing workforce to achieve results in greater productivity and increased worker satisfaction at this client’s key North American plant.  Leveraged the OpX Workforce Engagement model via Lean Events with focus on OEE and Changeovers.

·       Assisting privately held food manufacturer in fine tuning the characteristics needed for new plant managers to succeed in developing and leading a High-Performance workforce.  Linkage to the OpX Workforce Engagement model will become the new norm for this company’s HR group.  Provided final stage interviews for candidates to validate the process.

·       To drive improved results, client recognized need to establish new manufacturing vision and strategy for this privately held company.  Building upon previous wins, plant leadership (all levels) are in process of creating that new strategy and in so doing, experiencing first hand significant Leadership Development individually and collectively.

·       New private equity owners directed significant cost reductions in manufacturing.  Workforce departures depleted staffing at greater numbers than anticipated.  The challenge for leadership was to re-engage the once high performing team.  By focusing on lean applications to what the customer requires began to rebuild the pride and productivity.