FSO Institute

Transformative Process

Accelerating Performance & Sustaining Results


    Manufacturing Health Assessment (MHA)

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Performance:  Manufacturing, CapEx, Asset Reliability, Supply Chain, Technology, Packaging

Process:  Quality, Plant Defense, Product Safety, Environmental & Sustainability

People:  Worker Safety, Workforce Engagement

     Alignment Perspectives

Executive Leadership, Corporate Leadership Group, Plant(s) Leadership Groups


Alignment Opportunities & Strengths Identified, Directional Action Plan


Plant readiness assessments

Opportunity assessments on-site validation, payback models

Development of plant vision of the new improved state

Plant leadership creates 100 Day Plan to deliver results

collaborate - Team solutions

Team development of solutions

Deployment to achieve results

Develop needed metrics and reporting cadence

Performance Checks

Establish reporting structure with leadership

Develop needed communication requirements

Apply agreed upon progress reports including MHA surveys

Monitor assimilation in culture

Rapid reapplication of processes

Continuous Improvement and tools adoption


Evaluate progress to industry peer companies thru data comparisons

Networking with industry peer groups

Development of high potential individuals

Comparisons to Best in Class

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